Episode 48- Mauro Ranallo vs JBL and Braun Strowman Flips an Ambulance

-It’s a Westworld After All- Disney files patent for humanoid robots

-Braun Strowman kills Roman Reigns on RAW

-Debunking Roman Reigns’ delusional rationale for fans booing him

-Andy’s ultimate tag-team, The Viking Berzerkers: Brawn Strowman and The Mountain

-Vader’s in-ring reputation

-Finn Balor injured again

-Is the American strong-style leading to unnecessary risk and injury?

-Nia Jax almost kills Charlotte twice

-WWE Superstar Shakeup

-Mauro Ranallo done with WWE

-JBL’s legacy as a bully

-Mental health considerations

-Jim Henson Workshop’s Autistic muppet


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