Greg Valentine Hasbro Prototype-Ringside Collectibles

When I was a kid, I had all of the WWF Hasbro toys. When I saw a Toys R’ Us ad in the March 1991 WWF Magazine I saw two figures that I had to have-the Rhythm and Blues team of Honky Tonk Man and Greg Valentine. I looked high and low and never found that figure. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I learned about the legend of the “Unreleased Rhythm and Blues Prototype”. Today, I found this video on Ringside Collectibles’ Youtube channel, with the owner of the prototype telling the story.

If you were a kid who collected the WWF Hasbro figures you will want to check this video out.

Kalisto Correction from This Week’s Show

On this week’s show, I gave my predictions for this weekend’s Extreme Rules and mentioned the rumored injury to Kalisto. To clarify, the injury was not legit and used to sell the beatdown from Rusev. So for worrying those who were looking forward to the match, I’m sorry if I disappointed you…

On second thought, for those not interested in seeing this match I’m sorry to disappoint you.

Truly sorry,


Episode Three or Cesaro: King of the Swingers and Serious vs Comedy in Horror


Preview of WWE Extreme Rules 2016, rumors of Vince McMahon giving up on the Roman Empire, reason for Vince McMahon selling block of corporate stock, WWE hinting that AJ Styles is almost finished with wrestling, Anderson and Gallows lose again, CM Punk’s lack of progression as a fighter, idea for Cesaro’s character, why I generally don’t like ironic horror films, what I do like in horror films, why Halloween H20 is the perfect franchise sequel, and more.

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The Invisible Man and One Man Wrestling Clips

As mentioned on today’s episode, here are two funny wrestling skits that we were reminded of when discussing Glenn Gilbertti’s horrible ideas in wrestling. Let us know which one you like better in the comment section below.

Cheech n’ Chong’s Wrestling the Invisible Man

Monty Python’s One Man Wrestling with Graham Chapman

We’re recording tonight!

Positive Showcard

It’s been almost a whole year before I decided to start this new journey and I’m excited to speak with Mr. Positive tonight and record the first episode of The B-Show. We will be talking wrestling, horror, and whatever else we feel like discussing. I met him last year doing my wrestling podcast, The Program. We realized we both loved wrestling AND horror movies and I promised him he was first on the list for a horror podcast I was looking to start.

I instead decided to merge a few ideas, and boom, The B-Show was born. Wrestling, horror, retro 80’s and 90’s culture, retro gaming, Star Wars, movies, pop-culture, comedy…… Since horror is on the table, I saw it fit to keep my promise and ask him to do the first episode with me.

Mr. Positive is a musician and a manager for various great lakes wrestling federations including Michigan Wrestling Organization and Imperial Wrestling Entertainment, which can be seen nationally on various TV affiliates and worldwide on Roku’s Indie Wrestling Channel.

The B-Show will be less like a typical “radio show” than most podcasts. The aim is friends/peers sitting around, talking about things they love (and sometimes the things they don’t). What better way to start than wrestling and horror?

Check back tomorrow for the first episode and an upcoming announcement about where else you can listen to episodes and join the conversation. (Mixler, I-Tunes, and Stitcher)

Be affraid……Be very affraid…..