Other People’s Podcasts: Who we’re listening to.

Wrestling Soup with Anthony “Missionary” Thomas and Joey Numbas (and sometimes Jon Draper)-Best wrestling related podcast around. The show is wrestling based with a wide array of pop-culture topics each week that keeps the show from getting stale like other wrestling only shows. Live shows each Thursday night, voicemail Q&A shows semi-monthly,  WWE pay-per-view post shows several times per month and additional premium content. If you’re not listening to Mish and Joey, go subscribe now.

The Don Tony and Kevin Castle Show-Don Tony and Kevin Castle are two New York guys who have followed wrestling for forty years. Weekly live Raw post-show with other premium content each week.

Solomonster Sounds Off with Jason Solomon-Weekly shows published each Sunday. Jason covers all promotions with major news with a journalistc approach, with his own sarcastic twist.

The Joe Rogan Experience-Comedy, MMA, Bar-stool philosophy, bro-science? It’s all here with the Joe Rogan experience.

Something To Wrestle With Bruce Pritchard w/ Conrad Thompson– Currently Brian’s favorite podcast from a wrestling personality. Pritchard is open and dives deep into the biggest and most infamous events in wrestling history. Anything he dances around is quickly pried open by his co-host, Conrad Thompson. They have great chemistry and Pritchard is full of insight and spot-on impressions.

Killing The Town with Lance Storm and Cyrus-Currently Mr. Positive’s favorite podcast from a wrestling personality. Storm and Cyrus are a great balance of straight-forward insight and humorous commentary. Cyrus/Don Callis shows why he’s one of the most underrated minds and personalities in wrestling.

If there are any other we should check out, let us know at bshowbrian@gmail.com and if you check out any of the above shows be sure to let them know we sent you.