Hocus Pocus Script Reveals Alison’s Possible Connection to Witchcraft


Last week I shared a video stating why Alison was secretly a witch in the Disney film Hocus Pocus. Though I admit my narrative was created as a hypothetical subplot based on some details, reader Jer Schleicher informed me of details in the original script that never made the final cut.

During the fist cemetery scene, before Billy is summoned from the grave, the witches hover above the kids. (This is when Winnie mocks Max, saying “it’s just a bunch of Hocus Pocus”) There is a line of dialogue not included in the film. Thanks to Philip Petrie for sharing portions of the script.

I’ll be they friend.

Take a hike! 

Ah, she’s jealous. And isn’t she pretty. Almost as pretty as her ancestor, little Elizabeth Podbury, a good witch!

Good to the last bite!

This exchange in the film ends with Alison swiping a thorny branch to ward off Sara, as Winnie calls out for her book. It’s interesting to note that Alison’s ancestor was a good witch, and also eaten by the Sanderson sisters. So ignoring the “inherited responsibility” aspect of the theory, she also has a motive of vengeance as well.

Maybe I’ll record an addendum to the original video because it makes my story easier to believe.

Next time you watch Hocus Pocus, and with FreeForm’s schedule you will have plenty of chances, you will see it in a different context. Here’s the schedule, below, thanks to @hocus-pocus_2 on Twitter.

Happy Halloween!


They’re All Dead Episode 4-Good But Hated Franchise Films

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Brian and Sheldon return in the middle of Halloween season to stick up for some hated franchise films.

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Episode 23- Goldberg Returns and TNA Credit Crunch


Brian, Andy and Sheldon return from a break to discuss-

-Youtube wormholes and creepy stories

-Robert the doll

-American Express suing TNA

-Ryback’s proposed WrestleMania angle for match with Brock Lesnar

-How Ryback’s angle is close to how things are currently playing out

-As the Paige Turns: How Paige and Del Rio have become the Angelina and Billy Bob of wrestling

-Bret Hart’s apology

-Goldberg Returns

-Could WWE pull off a Rocky Balboa angle with Goldberg versus Lesnar?

-James Ellsworth

-Supporting indy wrestling

-Lita getting finer with age

-Batman’s Bat-themed gear is getting out of hand

-Is Batman circling back to his comedic 60’s style?

-Comic book history of sexualized heroines and how it’s changing

-Fake instagram nerd girls/models

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Brian’s Plot Theories- Stories In The Shadows: Hocus Pocus

Disney’s Hocus Pocus is on about 12,346 times during the Halloween season so you’ve probably seen it by now. If you watch this video you may never see the film the same way again.

After a while it dawned on me that Alison is not as innocent as she claims to be. In fact, she is a witch opposing the Sanderson Sisters. Agree? Disagree?

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Reviewing New Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Trailer

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They’re All Dead Episode 3: Carpenter and Zombie Drama Overblown and Victor Miller Versus Jason Inc

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B Show Brian and Mr. Sheldon Positive are back on the first Fearcast Friday for October.

-John Carpenter’s comments about Rob Zombie were overblown (with audio from both)

-How our PC/Twitter/SJW society was responsible for the drama

-John Carpenter’s critique of Friday the 13th and slasher films

-Victor Miller’s lawsuit and attempt to capture rights to the Friday the 13th Franchise

-How Miller’s lawsuit affects the scheduled Friday the 13th sequel

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Episode 22: Who’s the Babyface or Sasha Banks and Charlotte Main Event Raw


Andy returns and Mr. Sheldon Positive comes on board for an interesting episode.

-Is Eric Bischoff suing “Broken” Matt Hardy?

-Delete or JeriKO- what’s the best thing in wrestling?

-Potential for Broken Matt and Jeff Hardy versus JeriKO

-Sasha Banks and Charlotte main event Raw

-Did their Raw match top Lita vs. Trish Stratus?

-WWE’s inconsistent character development is hurting Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins

-Braun Strowman: Mortal Kombat boss

-Idea for R Truth after Goldust leaves

-WWE’s time-honored tradition: racial insensitivities and exploitation

-Connor’s Cure: Stephanie’s image builder

-The greatness of JeriKO

-South Park season 20

-John Williams and Danny Elfman scored our childhood

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Episode 21- TNA Go Fund Me or Stop Landing On Your Head

mainshowitunesimgaugust2016v3More wrestling talk with Brian and Sheldon (Mr. Positive).

-Vince Russo versus Disco Inferno

-WWE Clash of Champions notes

-Best of 7 conclusion

-Please stop diving!

-Mick Foley’s comments on Best of 7 conclusion

-WWE fans chanting CM Punk during Raw’s Cruiserweight match

-CM Punk/WWE Lawsuit rumors

-TNA sale rumors: is WWE interested?

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John Carpenter Q&A from the New York Film Academy

Carpenter at the New York Film Academy
Carpenter at the New York Film Academy

A great John Carpenter Q&A session hosted by the New York Film Academy has surfaced and it’s a shame great words of wisdom have been lost among a cloud of controversy.

It’s been making the rounds that John Carpenter laid into Rob Zombie during the 2011  Q&A session. Why it took so long to surface is incredible given the fact that Carpenter has, usually, been reluctant to comment on Zombie’s take on his iconic film. Since the story blew up the video footage has been taken down due to news outlets taking his comments out of context.

Carpenter himself commented on the controversy via Twitter:



Here is the entire audio, including the comments regarding Rob Zombie and the “Halloween” remake, so you can not only hear the context of the comments (at the 16:44 mark) but hear great advice from the master of horror himself.

They’re All Dead Episode 2-Reviewing Blair Witch and Revisiting the Original

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Mr. Positive watched Blair Witch over opening weekend so we reviewed the film and revisited the original Blair Witch Project and its influence on film and marketing.

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