Wednesday Night Wrestling Rewind Ep 3

On this edition, go back with us to WCW Halloween Havoc 1998 to relive Goldberg versus Diamond Dallas Paige for the WCW Title. Many consider this Goldberg’s greatest match and a career highlight for DDP.

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Episode 19- A Nightmare on Bro Street or Flying Mustard


-Short discussion about retro toys

-Why Vince Russo is the Freddy Kruger of pro wrestling

-Russo’s controversial comments regarding Kevin Owens as the Universal Champion, women’s wrestling, and other madness in general

-Early seeds of the women’s revolution

-Realities of inter-gender wrestling

-Chyna’s forgotten legacy/How she changed the business

-There would be no women’s revolution without Chyna

-Rumored reasons why Shawn Michaels left WWF in 1998

-A note on Suicide Prevention Month

-A funny backyard wrestling story involving Tim Horton’s

Episode Six or Ghosts of Wrestling’s Past with Andy Ruff


This week, Brian reunites with childhood friend Andy Ruff to reminisce about past experiences during the Attitude Era and 80’s boom, as well as preview the upcoming NXT Takeover: The End, how wrestling has changed, how huge wrestling was “back in the day”, Roger and Jessica Rabbit, bad plastic surgery, the incident that ended “Macho Man” Randy Savage’s career, Dan Soder’s spot on Randy Savage impression, and much more.

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