Episode 53- Jinder’s Nipples, WWE Backlash, Justice League News and More

Brian and Mr. Positive are back to kick off the second year of the B Show.

-How the house show/live event experience differs from WWE televised events

-Sheldon reviews Monday’s SmackDown house show in Eastern Michigan

-Thoughts on Shinsuke Nakamura versus Dolph Ziggler from WWE Backlash

-Utilizing James Ellsworth

-Thoughts on Jinder Mahal as WWE Champion

-Ryback examines Jinder’s puffy nipples

-Discussing Ryback

-Is the WWE system working?

-Why NXT talent have trouble transitioning to WWE

-WWE not knowing their audiences

-The Ascension

-Baron Corbin is not scary

-Nia Jax: the friendly monster

-Were the Dudley Boys’ ECW riots exaggerated?

-Discussing Chris Cornell

-Enzo and Cass are Rocket and Groot

-Alien: Covenant

-Justice League gets a new director, Zack Snyder’s departure

-Discussing WCW/NWA style versus WWF

-Thoughts on AJ Styles versus Kevin Owens from Backlash

-Why does every WWE babyface have to do the same three bump comeback?

-Why we’re spoiled as wrestling fans, golden age of 90’s Crusierweight wrestling

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