B Show 77-Kevin Castle of the Don Tony and Kevin Castle Show

Special thanks to Kevin Castle of the Don Tony and Kevin Castle Show for joining us this week. Kevin is a long-time wrestling fan, booker in the New York  music scene, and co-host of one of the longest-running wrestling podcasts around.

Follow Kevin on Twitter @KevZCastle . Check out The Don Tony and Kevin Castle Show live each Monday after Raw and donate to their Patreon

-What was it like to experience Hogan’s rise in 1983?, Early wrestling memories, Could anyone have replaced Hogan in the WWF expansion, The WWF wrestling scene in the early 80’s, Kevin’s career in the music industry, How Don Tony and Kevin Castle came together, Tastes in horror movies, John Carpenter movies, Spoilers and the internet effect on wrestling

-Check out Eerie Point on Facebook and their song Modern Romance on Youtube (video courtesy of Anthony Wright and Eerie Point)

Brian and Mr. Positive continue discussing Mr. Positive’s indie wrestling activities and music gigs, Social media shout-outs, Does tickets sold/wider notoriety necessarily equal the most talented artist?, Big Time Wrestling matches on YouTube

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Episode 8- Money in the Bank, Roman Reigns Suspended, and Bill Goldbrick


Money in the Bank 2016 recap and thoughts, Dean Ambrose cashing in, Dean Ambrose as WWE Champion, Roman Reigns’ WWE Wellness Policy failure and suspension, wrestlers playing roles, Sami Zayn versus Kevin Owens, Vaudvillains, New Day losing steam, Jerry “the King” Lawler’s arrest, Paige taken into custody, AJ Styles versus John Cena, WWE Draft rumors, 3 hour SmackDown, WWE running two Pay-Per-Views per month, WWE Pay-Per-View format improvements, WWE Women’s division, Sasha Banks’ WWE return, Kurt Angle WWE return, Brian Cranston is Zordon in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, and much more.

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