Episode 41- Clerks 3 Jay and Silent Bob Reboot or Snoochie Reboochies

-Were there four wrestling deaths last week?

-Clerks 3 cancelled

-Idea for Clerks 3 without Randal

-Details on Jay and Silent Bob Reboot

-Crafty Kevin Smith

-Split movie: Unbreakable

-Death of Superman Lives documentary

-2016 Den of Geek article citing John Carpenter as one of today’s most influential directors

-Delusional Josh Mathews

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Episode Five or Assault On Precinct PC


Brian Jay returns this week with a vengeance discussing Cinemassacre’s James “Angry Video Game Nerd” Rolfe and the unfair treatment he got for his Ghostbusters commentary, the PC culture we live in today and social justice warriors, his own thoughts on the upcoming Ghostbusters reboot, re-shoots demanded by Disney for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, the controversy between Vader and Ricochet & Will Ospreay, TNA’s Josh Matthews, the upcoming WWE draft, and an update and thoughts on Cody Rhodes.

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