They’re All Dead 28- Rob Zombie’s Halloween

Happy Halloween! We’re celebrating by revisiting Rob Zombie’s Halloween films. Mr. Positive loves them, Brian doesn’t; which makes this one particularly fun.

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They’re All Dead 21- Rob Zombie’s 31

This week we’re talking lethal mazes, white trash in cars, twin clowns with chainsaws, shsky cameras, the great Malcolm McDowell, and plagiarized music as we review Rob Zombie’s 31.

P.S. -Happy Birthday, Chris

-Also Berlin Effect and Wish Upon trailer reviews

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They’re All Dead Episode 5- Best Horror Scores and Soundtracks

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B Show Brian and Mr. Sheldon Positive return to talk about the best scores and soundtracks in horror, and other horror and sci-fi randomness.


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They’re All Dead Episode 3: Carpenter and Zombie Drama Overblown and Victor Miller Versus Jason Inc

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B Show Brian and Mr. Sheldon Positive are back on the first Fearcast Friday for October.

-John Carpenter’s comments about Rob Zombie were overblown (with audio from both)

-How our PC/Twitter/SJW society was responsible for the drama

-John Carpenter’s critique of Friday the 13th and slasher films

-Victor Miller’s lawsuit and attempt to capture rights to the Friday the 13th Franchise

-How Miller’s lawsuit affects the scheduled Friday the 13th sequel

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John Carpenter Q&A from the New York Film Academy

Carpenter at the New York Film Academy
Carpenter at the New York Film Academy

A great John Carpenter Q&A session hosted by the New York Film Academy has surfaced and it’s a shame great words of wisdom have been lost among a cloud of controversy.

It’s been making the rounds that John Carpenter laid into Rob Zombie during the 2011  Q&A session. Why it took so long to surface is incredible given the fact that Carpenter has, usually, been reluctant to comment on Zombie’s take on his iconic film. Since the story blew up the video footage has been taken down due to news outlets taking his comments out of context.

Carpenter himself commented on the controversy via Twitter:



Here is the entire audio, including the comments regarding Rob Zombie and the “Halloween” remake, so you can not only hear the context of the comments (at the 16:44 mark) but hear great advice from the master of horror himself.