B Show 78- Star Wars The Last Jedi

SPOILERS, SPOILERS EVERYWHERE! This week we’re finally discussing the controversial Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Steve (my brother) and Dan from the band Eerie Point join me while Mr. Positive is on vacation. We’re all lifelong Star Wars fans and had a fun time dissecting Rian Johnson’s divisive entry into the Star Wars saga.

-Good and Bad

-Rogue One versus The Last Jedi

-George Lucas

-Fanboy expectations and theories

-Star Wars EU

-That Princess Leia scene

-Themes and symbolism

-Check out Eerie Point on Facebook and their song Modern Romance on Youtube (video courtesy of Anthony Wright and Eerie Point)

If you like comics/graphic novels but don’t have time to get completely caught up on The Walking Dead, Star Wars EU, and The Marvel and DC Universes check out Comics Explained on YouTube.

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