B Show 57- Killer Tofu, SJW WWE Fans, and When Did We Get Old?

-Is Kurt Russell one of the top character actors of the 80’s?

-Bruce Campbell and crappy 90’s fantasy sitcoms

-Bubba Hotep

-Twin Peaks revival

-We’re getting old

-Jaws turns 42 years old

-The Late, Great Robert Shaw

-Batman: Mask of the Phantasm gets a Blu-Ray release

-Brian’s inappropriate Paul Bearer/funeral story

-Killer Tofu

-The art of voice acting

-Billy West and other great voice actors

-Mel Blanc’s Si sketch

-Lessons of Carrie Fisher’s life and death

-Mike and Maria Kanellis debut at WWE Money in the Bank

-Fans crying over James Ellsworth helping Carmella win the first Money in the Bank match

-WWE’s self defeating strategy

-Why WWE has trouble with NXT talent call-ups

-How WWE ruined Bayley

-Is Bayley too nice for wrestling?

-Roman Reigns validates fan discontent

-Delusional John Cena buries the world

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Episode 24- Greedo Was Jewish or Why Does Shredder Look Like Megatron?


-South Park Season 20

-How our Facebook feed is all Memberberries

-The break-neck speed of the South Park creative process

-Patrick Warburton

-The craziness of Twin Peaks

-Skate stories

-How Triple H buried half of Raw’s roster in 2006

-Mick Foley hurting Raw?

-Valuable comics

-Walking Dead Series Premiere

-Sam Raimi’s Four Chapter Spider Man series that never was

-Does Michael Keaton have the energy to pull off Beetlejuice 2?

-Jim Henson, Stan Winston and the lost art of creature effects

-Disney says Boba Fett not a Mandalorian?

-Should Disney remake the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy?

-Did Lucas put in a clause to prevent remaking Star Wars films?

-Walt Disney, the racist bigot?

-Did George Lucas have non-Star Wars film success?

-What Lucas sacrificed to create Star Wars

-How did Brian not realize Greedo was a Jewish stereotype?

-Jason David Frank

-Mighty Morphin’ Breakfast Twilight


-Goldberg: Greatest WCW champion? Really?

-It only took WWE one week to blow Goldberg versus Brock Lesnar

-Vince so furious he cuts Raw’s Brock Lesnar segment off early

-Did Goldberg’s return eerily similar to Ultimate Warrior’s last Raw appearance?

-Steve Dillon

-John Carpenter films and music

-John Williams: the man who scored our childhood

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