B Show 62-Hollywood’s Undiverse Diversity and Retooling 205 Live

-Diversity in movies: when is it enough?

-Sony posts big losses

-How big is Batista’s……film career

-WWE Network subscriber count drops

-Chris Cyborg calls out Becky Lynch

-Jon Bones Jones calls out Brock Lesnar

-Was the Cruiserweight division an impossible venture?

-Past cruiserweight stars WWE should have brought in to bolster the division

-Enzo Amore’s stripper problems

-CM Punk holding out hope for another UFC fight

-Could CM Punk be a game changer for GFW or Ring of Honor?

-Pete Rose accused of statutory rape

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Thoughts on CM Punk As Debut Fight at UFC 203 Looms


We didn’t preview CM Punk’s MMA debut on this week’s show, though we should have. People are talking about his refusal to shake Mickey Gall’s hand at the weigh-in and it ties in with how I feel about CM Punk in UFC.

Does he seem like a dick? Sure does. Does he seem a bit too confident at times? Sure does. But tonight, the guy from the fake sport gets in the octagon to prove he’s for real- and what does Gall do after months of talking shit? Sticks out his hand.

In wrestling it’s understood that trash talk happens and sometimes gets personal because in the end they’re working together to hype a performance. Punk has refused to trash talk (in his position I don’t blame him) and Gall has taken some personal jabs. I’ve always had an issue with UFC fighters talking smack and getting personal, only to hug and be respectful after the fight. Were you only saying those things to sell me a ticket? Sure, wrestling does it, but it’s all part of a story. In MMA it feels, dare I say……fake? Gall was either being fake when taking shots just to sell the fight, or by offering the respectful handshake. So it was nice to see Punk, the “fake wrestler” refuse to play ball.

People may take issue with how he conducts himself, or with his attitude, or being an untested fighter getting a big fight contract with the top promotion in the world. All fair points. But he has more guts than most of the people criticizing him online, on TV, or in print, myself included. My hat is off to him.

I’ve heard many wrestling and MMA people alike saying they want to see him slaughtered by Gall. I understand where people are coming from, but it’s mostly an emotional response. Think about what he does for wrestling by having a good showing tonight. It will be a bit harder for the dicks who can’t wait to tell you how fake wrestling is and how pro wrestlers are p*ssies to do so if he wins, but much easier if he gets chewed up.

Think about the big picture before judging him for things he said after leaving a business he felt tossed him aside after giving his prime, life, and body to. So what if he called wrestling fake? As far as fight sports, it is. And when most intelligent people discuss wrestling as fake, they’re talking about the unrealistic fighting between the ropes, not the very real toll the art form takes on those brave enough to attempt it.

As Phil CM Punk Brooks gets ready to make his UFC debut at tonight’s UFC 203, I wish him luck and a safe debut fight. For the first time, he climbs into a situation where no promoter, executive, HR Representative, marketing team, writer, agent, or Chairman can determine his fate. It’s all up to Punk and Gall.

No booker. No McMahon. No son-in-law. No excuses.

Episode Three or Cesaro: King of the Swingers and Serious vs Comedy in Horror


Preview of WWE Extreme Rules 2016, rumors of Vince McMahon giving up on the Roman Empire, reason for Vince McMahon selling block of corporate stock, WWE hinting that AJ Styles is almost finished with wrestling, Anderson and Gallows lose again, CM Punk’s lack of progression as a fighter, idea for Cesaro’s character, why I generally don’t like ironic horror films, what I do like in horror films, why Halloween H20 is the perfect franchise sequel, and more.

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